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About After Hours

After Hours
The name "after hours" implied the time of day after work or school; a time for play, for recreation, for creativity.

This signifies the non-profit nature of the site as opposed to .com (commercial).

The basics
The web site was a listing of special events in arts, entertainment and recreation.

Beyond the basics

Organization links
Each event was cross referenced to an organization to provide a better understanding of the event. It also opened more "contact" opportunities and recognized the efforts of the many organizations who define the vitality of each community.

Venue links
Each event was cross referenced to a venue in order to provide some familiarity for those who may be attending an event facility for the first time. A photo, some physical characteristics and directions can make all the difference in deciding to attend a new event.

The intent was to have many cities utilizing the same interface, thereby allowing a larger population a familiar access to difficult-to-find public event infomation.

Data entry
This was the weakness of the site as accuracy was determined by the daily input of data which proved to be too costly.

- Len McFarlane


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